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Re-Creating The On-Mountain Experience


Chase Silverstein

Yoga Teacher


  • Check-in time will vary depending on the property (usually 4 PM). Arrive at your leisure, but keep in mind bedrooms & corresponding beds are first come first serve. 

  • Dinner will be prepared and served by Mason when everyone settles in, approximately 6 PM.

  • 30-minute restorative yoga to follow with Chase.

Michelle Rogers





  • 30-minute yin yoga with Chase at 7:00 AM 

  • Breakfast provided by Mason at 8 AM.

  • Ski/snowboard if you choose. Lunch will be provided for you to take on the mountain.

  • Dinner Saturday evening provided by Mason at approximately 6 PM.


  • 30-minute restorative yoga to follow with Chase.

 Mason Hessing

Private Chef



  • Yoga 7:00 AM with Chase 

  • Breakfast provided by Mason at 8 AM.

  • This day we will have to checkout, by 10 AM. After breakfast, of course skiing and snowboarding is an option, lunch will be provided by those who choose. But keep in mind to get off the mountain around 1-2 to avoid traffic back to Denver. 

We have collaborated to provide you, our guests, the most relaxed and effortless way to 

vibe out with your closest supporters and the company of like-minded individuals. 


Collectively, this is the picture-perfect way to stay in the mountains for the weekend, support local business, and maximize your IKON and EPIC pass experience.

Breckenridge Average hotel cost- $198/night 

Keystone Average hotel cost- $ 178/night

Winter Park Average hotel cost- $ 242/night

"name of us"- $178/night - $400-500 total due

Limited Time offer

Join Us for as low as $499 a weekend.

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