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Body Recomposition

Justin Zelasko

Chase Alexander Silverstein & Educate II Elevate. Life changing! To say the absolute least. Upon meeting Chase less than a year ago I was a 186lb beef cake believing I had "enough" figured out in the weight training spectrum to succeed at my strength goals. Well, you see me up there on the left and I wasn't really succeeding and didn't have realistic goals. I thought I knew how to plan and organize training and didn't take proper nutritional strategies into place. Figured I was doing "enough" and things would fall into place. Let me tell you, the ignorance I harnessed and the failures I experienced was swiftly relieved under Chase's guidance. I embarked on this journey strictly wanting to build strength and had no interest in aesthetics. Little did I know my life would drastically change for the better and in so many ways I had never imagined. I was so enlightened by his knowledge and guidance I came to realize I wasn't succeeding at any strength goals or body recomposition efforts. Actually the opposite. I was continuing stagnant strategies and experiencing no real accomplishments. I was confused enough to realize something needed to change but didn't have the proper knowledge and sought it from the wrong sources. Chase became the source and his guidance directed me to prosperity.

It's easy to think you have it all figured out in the gym. Showing up is easy. Overtraining is easy. No pain no gain is easy (which is how I've trained and lived that last 10 years). Intelligent training cycles, organized and mindful nutrition, and active recovery is what's in the sauce. And Chase opened me up to this whole new world. And it's actually a much easier world! Starting outside the gym with nutrition and rest. The two most important factors in not only making whatever personal gains you desire but as the foundation of a healthy life. You grow outside the gym not in it. I learned how to not only properly track food but manipulate my body through simple nutritional alterations. How to fuel my body for whatever short term or long term goals I wanted to accomplish (and for the most part I eat whatever I want!) I'm a traveling sales rep who's life consists of an even combination of activity and immobility. I sleep in different hotels, cities, time zones and all with different weekly activity schedules. And even with this lifestyle, I was given the tools to succeed all on my own. I cut over 26 pounds of fat AND gained muscle strength and size in just 6 months! That's an average of 1lb per week rate of fat loss while gaining muscle. Something that is incredibly difficult to do. And not only is that difficult it's not what I intended upon working with Chase. But as a team I learned proper training strategies, developed an understanding behind why things are done a certain way for the body and we accomplished more than I had ever imagined. He not only puts together impressive workout plans but the dynamics behind his training cycles, nutrient planning and recovery options is amazing. So amazing we accomplished an astonishing amount of things together.

Jared Mccune

I just wanted to take a minute to show my appreciation for my coach/trainer/friend Chase Alexander Silverstein and share my testimonial of my excellent experience working with him the last few months. It’s so much more than just improving physical appearance, and he does much more than just put workouts together. Writing isn’t my strong suit, but here it goes....


Time and energy are two of the most valuable things in this world. Two things that you use that you can never replace or get back. The reason I’m saying that is this, a lot of people go to the gym, eat healthy, for many different reasons and with many different goals. I do it because I like the way I look, to be healthy, stress management, but primarily because I like the challenge. It’s you against yourself, I also love it because the discipline and goals in the gym trickle into all aspects of my life. I had been working out consistently for over 4 years prior to joining Chase and 1920 fitness. I was lean, had abs and a general understanding of basic meal prep and workouts. But I still felt lost, didn’t know how to properly reach goals, grow certain muscle groups, and set my macros. I wasn’t maximizing my time and energy in the gym and felt like I was spinning my wheels. I have a very busy schedule so time and energy are both very precious to me. That changed in November when I started working with Chase. I am so grateful to have him as my coach, his knowledge, dedication, and passion are unlike any other in this industry. He has spent years building, changing, adding to, and tweaking the program you receive with 1920 fitness. I can say that you will be hard pressed to find anything more balanced, thorough, and that covers all of the bases. You’re not just getting a coach in the gym, you’re getting a coach for life in general. Sure he puts together amazing workouts, knows where to put your macros, but he also gives you tools to deal with stress, mindfulness, self growth, quality sleep, staying healthy in and out of the gym. It’s so well rounded it’s unreal. I trust him fully, and we have barely scratched the surface together and already I have made more progress in a few short months, than I have in the 4+ years prior. For me this is priceless, it truly maximizes all of my time and energy. I can always make more money, cut out small things to budget in his incredibly valuable service. I have never been happier, healthier/stronger both mentally and physically. I credit much of this to Chase and his program. I keep hitting goals we set, and creating new ones. I feel much more confident in the gym because he empowers me with the how’s and the why’s of what we are doing in a way that I can understand. If I ever have a question he responds quickly and is always a phone call away. I can’t thank him enough for his knowledge, time, energy, coaching, and all the amazing things that have come with it. If you value your time and energy and want to start optimizing it to the fullest, I would suggest you set up a consultation and join the 1920 fitness community. You will be thankful you did and be getting years of hard work, knowledge, passion, and start reaching goals left and right.

JOe dienstbach

My name is Joe Dienstbach. Chase and I went to high school together but were not very close until recently. A few years into college, I started to go down the wrong path. My life quickly spiraled downward to hard drug addiction. I got to a point where enough was enough, but I didn't know how to piece my life back together. I saw a post from Chase that spoke to me, and I was moved to contact my old friend. I am so thankful that I reached out because my life is exponentially better since we have been in contact. He put me on a fitness and nutrition plan that has made a huge impact on my health and sobriety. I have consistent energy and great confidence in myself thanks to his training. Chase is not only an amazing motivator in the gym but also in my life. I have 77 days clean and sober today, and Chase has been a huge part of that. I am beyond grateful for his guidance in the gym and in my diet because it has positively influenced every aspect of my life. Due to his knowledge, encouragement, and belief in people, I would strongly recommend him as a personal trainer to anyone who is ready to change their life!"

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Kandis Smith

I began working with Chase in January and have been on a consistent track of weight loss, muscle gain and strengthening since then. My clothes are fitting very different and I have gone down 3 sizes, I have far more energy than I have had in years and feel better about myself. I am so grateful Chase’s consistent motivation, education, support, professionalism and friendship.


So here are my 4-month results! I've lost over 10% body fat and at one point lost 10 lbs. I've gained a few back by gaining some muscle but that's okay with me. I'm sitting at 123 lbs and 19% body fat! When I first started working out, I became aware of how malnourished I was. My body was holding on to fat because most of my diet consisted of empty calories from beer and junk food. I will be honest, i am still not eating as much as I should to see better gains but my life gets hectic and I don't make time to eat. But, each day is a new day to be an even better you. I'm not perfect by all means but I'm still learning! There are so many benefits to living a healthy lifestyle and although I have my slip ups and temptation gets the best of me, I'm still closer now than I ever have to being the best version of myself. I have an amazing support system and a great coach! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Love you Chase!

This one is for Chase Alexander Silverstein! 


Only been working with him for a few weeks and have already seen unbelievable changes. Been plateaued for a few months and finally let chase talk me into working with him. One of the best choices I've ever made. Learned an incredible amount from him in such a short time. In 4 weeks I've made a ton of subtle changes that feel huge after being stuck for so long. He's changed just about every aspect of the way I've been lifting and eating and it works! Not only has he changed me physically but also mentally. He is an all-around incredible coach and I HIGHLY recommend him!! Ready for more progress!

Joey Hollingsworth

Viet Tran

After college I made a promise to work on my health. I started doing cardio to get the weight down from 245 to 195. After that I took up weightlifting to get big for the next 5-6 years to hopefully get into bodybuilding. Mostly trial and error with uptrends and downtrends in progress. I've made noticeable gains. But I wasn't necessarily healthy. Not until I was rudely interrupted at Gold's Gym. 


This guy, right here, is something else. I was irritated. But my mindset, then, wasn't exactly in the right place. 


So I held my ego back for the first time in a while. For 2 years, I've been working with Chase and I can say this. He's changed my perspective on health and fitness. He's taught me the language that can't be taught in any article or book. I learned how to listen to my own body. As a result, I've made more noticeable and consistent changes.  


We all want to look shredded and ripped but 5-6 years didn't get me near to that point. My relationship to training was an unhealthy one. In fact, it was toxic. I had a belief that you needed to train all day, every day to the point of exhaustion. I've tried many extreme diets. Some of them worked but were short lived. There were improvements but the plateaus came sooner than later. Following the plateaus, the downtrends were very unforgiving. Then Chase, hollers, "Excuse me." And gives the unsolicited advice.


In our one-on-one, we had an unforgettable conversation. He asked, "When you wake up, on a scale from 1-5, how would you rate your readiness to take on the day?" I replied, "O-one." 


It wasn't the context of the exchange that made it memorable. It was me openly admitting for the first time that I wasn't okay. That I didn't have things figured out. Disclosing this was therapeutic. After leaving for the day, I thought a lot about it. As much as I boast to my coworkers, and how they should go about fitness, I had carried the advice with this underlying issue - I didn't have a good relationship with training. I didn't have a good relationship with my mind and body.


So Chase chants these words as a reminder, "Where the mind goes the body follows."


Most of us, I believe, do a lot of googling for answers. There are many resources that can either be proven to work or flat out be anecdotal and to be treated with a grain of salt. In addition, I had thought utilizing the internet's resources comes with too many variables. This is how I viewed it. But that really wasn't the issue as to why I wasn't getting to my goals. It was me lacking the reason as to "why" I needed to do these things. Chase filled in the gaps that I had overlooked. And I had come to the realization I was not enjoying the things that I followed. I was stressed.


With the 2 years I've been training under his guidance, I've approached training, nutrition, managing stress, and sleeping under a new light. As a result, I've made consistent progress but that doesn't go without some downtrends. Except this time it's minimal. He's introduced me to something that I would never imagine doing - Yoga. And today, I can proudly say, I am a regular.


During these 2 years I would say there were times of withholding information where I wouldn't give him the entire picture. But even then he's managed to hit the target closely while being blindfolded. So please, if you intend to make better progress, be open and transparent. Chase will not condemn you for not following his guidance 100, 80, or even 50 percent of the time. Bad days will happen because he's been there.


And I can't count the number of times where we would have our falling outs. This became increasing when COVID began and there wasn't a gym to go to. And when he asks me, "Viet, are you sure you want to keep cutting?" My ego says keep going when I knew it wasn't the best route. During this time I had fallen way too deep. I decided to part ways with Chase. I called him 2 months after my departure and he was eager to speak with me. I admitted everything that I wasn't transparent about. With all the years of combined effort towards my progress and goals, he appreciated my openness. He thanks me for being honest.


Chase, as passionate as he is, is patient. He works with people with all experience levels and different walks of life.


When you are taken under his guidance, please keep these things in mind:


1. Be transparent. I've wasted so much time and energy without being open upfront.

2. Give yourself permission to rest. Chase encourages you to take things one step at a time.

3. The ego is a tool. You can't get rid of this. Don't let it grab the wheel and leave it in the trunk of your car. Use it like you would with sleep, food, and training. Too much of anything is counterproductive. Chase can help you manage these.

4. Break down your walls. There's nothing wrong with admitting faults.

5. Engage by listening. Not only is this important with Chase, but important in everyday life.

6. And finally, focus and have fun. I find that I get cooped up into my own thoughts during my sets and reps. When you're passive it becomes a task. When you're passionate it becomes fun.


Thank you Chase. You've made an impact on my life.


Jessica & Isa Gates

To say that chase has made an impact on my life would be an understatement. I connected with Chase during the COVID 19 shutdown via the zoom yoga classes he was offering. Soon after taking classes with him my daughter showed an interest and started joining me on the mat daily. Chase became not only a teacher but a friend. During our conversations, he learned of my past difficulties with weight & illness and offered his help. As much as I wanted to work with him & his programming, due to COVID-19 it just wasn’t in my budget. He still sat on a zoom call with me and passed on so much information that he spent his time and effort researching and literally changed my life. Fast forward two months and due to reading his research I’ve completely changed my health. So much so that I realized I wanted to help others and have decided to follow in his footsteps and pursue an education in nutrition. I’m not sure I would’ve made it through the ups and downs of the last few months without his classes & friendship. “A rooted tree weathers all storms.” Namaste


Ann Ross

Chase! ....I can't say enough great things about Chase's teaching. I'm incredibly grateful for the time and care that he spends each day to be a great teacher. He cares tremendously and is passionate about making his class a meaningful experience. He is more than a teacher, he is a guide. He obviously knows the body, and the postures, but takes the time to pass on life wisdom to his students. Anyone that takes his classes will experience his excellent use of mantras....and as all those that practice yoga consistently know, mantras are powerful. I also love how he encourages consistency, and understands that dedicated practice is the key to evolution. As someone that got into yoga for stress management, it took me a long time to be open to things that fall outside the power yoga, HIIT realm, but by practicing consistently under Chase, not only has my body's range of motion greatly expanded but I even grew to love/look forward to restorative practice. Chase's classes are an amazingly powerful/impactful way to begin each day.

So grateful,


Gut Health

Julia B.

Last March, I was in the ER for what I thought was appendicitis. It turned out to be IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), which I have unfortunately had since my teens. While lying on the hospital gurney, I posted on Facebook about it. Chase Silverstein, my yoga teacher, promptly messaged me, saying, "I can help with that."

I figured I had little to lose--except some weight. About fifteen pounds had crept on over the last couple years. I had been doing everything I knew how to do to get back into shape: dieting constantly, hot yoga and walking every day, and still, my belly grew larger. I blamed it on menopause and resigned myself to the fact that I would probably look four months pregnant for the rest of my life. But this wasn't all just about vanity. Now, my stomach was hurting me--enough to send me to the hospital.

I decided that if I gave up my Starbucks habit and a few meals out, I could afford to work with Chase. (One of the first things I learned was that my Starbucks habit and meals out were a part of my problem, but I'm getting ahead of myself.)

Chase determined that I probably had a condition called SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth). He said, "Julia, you don't have a fat belly, you have a distended abdomen. One of the most serious conditions I have seen."

I can't tell you the relief I felt, knowing that there was a name and a reason for this, and that someone out there knew I wasn't just eating candy bars and lying on the couch.

The first thing Chase did was to help me learn and track what I was really eating, portion controls, eliminating dairy, gluten and high-FODMAP foods (all triggers for SIBO), and cooking for myself, which I had never really done before beyond reheating already-prepared foods. The focus in the first few months was about healing the gut. Honestly, it took about a month just to learn how to do all of this properly, and his coaching was invaluable as he suggested apps, books, videos, podcasts, and more. I continued for the next month, and the next, and the next, feeling a little bit better all the time.

"It's not forever, just for a while," Chase would say. But it wasn't that hard to stay on task because I was feeling so good. The old sweets and Starbucks lattes, which I used to have every day, aren't even a temptation, now that I understand how I feel when I am free of them. My energy became better than ever, the stomach pain subsided, my sleep is solid and deep. Today, I'm digesting my food properly and not having any of the SIBO problems. And my belly is on the way to looking as it should. I shouldn't have any worries about getting in a bathing suit next spring.

I won't tell you it is fast, or that it is easy. And, no surprise here, it was the tried-and-true combination of nutrition and exercise combined. Chase taught me to understand how heavy drinking in my youth and a lifetime of dieting had actually sabotaged my digestion to create all these problems. He showed me where my "healthy eating," as I thought, wasn't really so healthy. He introduced me to some much-needed supplements to help with digestion, lower my cortisol, and build muscle. Most amazingly for me and my husband, he got me learning how to cook! Finally, Chase helped me to get out of the "losing weight" mindset and into the wellness perspective. It's been six months now, and I know this will be a life-long practice for me.

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