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Every storm runs out of rain...

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

It was mid March where I too learned I would be furloughed without pay because of the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Like millions of you, over 70 hours of my life's routine and livelihood was flipped on its head and before I could rationalize every phone call, media update, and government protocol the fear of uncertainty began to show itself.

Do I play victim or do I step up and show my value?

The freedom to choose...


From my recollection, fear of the unknown is the single most destructive force on the human mind and hard times fermented eventually breeds hard people.

I knew I could no longer afford to feel this kind of negativity anymore.

I decided I was not going to let this crisis win inside my head just because the majority of the world seems to be losing it. It was going to be up to me to get through the grief and accept the current reality that is because the degree that we resist our reality, is the degree that we create emotional pain for ourselves. Every negative emotion that we have ever experienced is always self created. It is self created by the degree of resistance that we have to the things that are unchangeable in our lives.

It was time to loose site of these low frequency emotions and double down on what I consistently feel to be right.

You see the universe consistently puts us into predicaments until we learn and evolve. In other words, it induces stress to nudge you to grow and become the person you some how feel you are not ready to be. I constantly remind myself the current stress of my life is not happening to me but for me to figure out.

A problem solvers ability to see but not identify with the issue at hand grants oneself permission to move forward with an action plan.


It is now time to be a beacon of light on this subject matter.

I immediately began addressing the currency of my recent decisions, life long habits, and boundaries because philosophy isn't what you repeatedly say but what you consistently do. Most importantly, I recognize I can help myself by helping other people all the while help other people by helping myself.

Below are my top 10 intentions that I focus on weekly to feel empowered.

My top 10 intentions

1. Exemplify unconditional love

- the relationship with myself sets the tone for every other relationship I have

2. Speak truth and have the courage to speak my beliefs

- stop trying to be right and start focusing on what's right

3. Put my self-care before my service

- a tree that is rooted in their mission laughs at storms

4. Respect my breath more than any other practice

- if every decision is a vote, I must make sure they are made consciously

5. Put boundaries around meaningful and creative work

- when I am producing what I love most, there is no time to attend for negativity

6. Be the hero of my own story

- don't be a statistic; take extreme ownership

7. Emulate what I am inspired

- execute the habits that breed winners

8. I am the mantra; I am what I repeatedly do

- with so much on the line; take life 1 hour at a time

9. Commitment is the end of questioning

- when you are walking in obedience, there is no need to run in fear

10. Develop a collective consciousness

- if my life is temporary, why choose personal power over communion?


Remember, you cannot have a testimony without a test and there is always a better person on the other side of adversity.

If you continue to run to the rescue with love, then peace will follow.

You got your right hand and your left hand. On the right side has all your positive emotions and the ones that you want to feel. On you left hand has all the negative emotions. When we consciously choose to accept all things that we cannot change, our hands meet in the middle in prayer position and now we come to a state of peace.


For those who are concerned about their finances; you will never go broke when you consistently work on the things that matter.

This virus is a dress rehearsal for how we handle the inevitable: death.

You've got 3 choices:

- give in, give up, or give it all you've got.

Time is finite. Get in the game.

Love your fellow fight club member,

Chase Alexander Silverstein

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Love this point of view, so important to take ownership of this situation and make the most of it. Control what you can and don't stress over the things that you can't! Always keeping in mind that this too shall pass makes that so much easier!


Viet Tran
Viet Tran
Apr 14, 2020

Thank you Chase! Great read!

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