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Clear Path: The first step is for me to learn about you; who you are, where you are, where you want to be, and why you want to be there. Together, we will help identify these goals with the standards that must be met in order for you to achieve them. With a lifestyle roadmap in place, visualizing the outcome will become that much more realistic and enjoyable to obtain. With this, we can uncover your purpose for wanting to develop into what you never thought was possible. 

Mental & Emotional Awareness: It is important to recognize that the first step towards liberation is awareness and that your perception is your reality in the process of further setting yourself free. Through examining the roadblocks you may face when implementing new behaviors, you can start to understand how your thoughts and feelings affect your habits, and ultimately your quality of life. Creating a healthy lifestyle begins with clearing your mind of these unhealthy habits or beliefs, and recognizing where the mind goes the body follows.

Visualization: You can only visualize what you believe you will achieve. This is important to understand because the overall value of any guidance provided is directly dependent on how consistent and quick you are to act on it. The hypothetical future is dependent on your self-esteem and nurtured by your work ethic. With my support, it is important for you to fuel your own fire as you emulate those who have walked the same path before you. 

Intuition: You will always be the foremost expert and problem solver because you are solely responsible for how you think and feel. The more you understand yourself internally, the better I will be able to assist you. Over time, you will gain the expertise to continue to make choices that support your overall goals and health long-term.

Recovery Strategy: Recovery is paramount to reaching positive adaptation (results). It ensures that you are able to maximize your efforts and progress in a healthy fashion. The level of stimulus (stress) we place on ourselves must be met with practices on the opposite spectrum. There is no such thing as overtraining, but under-recovery. 

Nutrition Strategy: Your personal tastes and preferences, genetics, age, gender, blood type, metabolic rate, lifestyle, cultural background, and external environment, all impact what foods will and will not nourish you. "One person's food is another person's poison", or to put it another way, "there is no one-size-fits-all diet". Together, we will work on developing a nutritional strategy that will allow you to flourish mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Movement Strategy: Movement should be treated as medicine, regardless of the type of exercise you participate in and the level of intensity you put yourself through. Therefore, working with your body is key in order to sustain any life long physical practice. Every rep must be treated as its very own workout because the stimulus you create determines the quality of practice you make.

Check-ins: These meetings serve as opportunities for you to share your experience and progress, for me to provide guidance and feedback, and for us to examine roadblocks and refine our strategy. Modifications are contingent on bio-feedback and made during our scheduled check-ins. The frequency of these adjustments is based upon your rate of progression and ability to handle the workload given. Check-ins are conducted in-person or online through video conferencing. 

Accountability: When we enter into this coach-client relationship, I will always speak truth over comfort. It might not be what you want to hear but it is within your best interest that you hear it. Having a coach who is as deeply invested in your progress as you are, is unlike any other health service. With me, you will always have someone here who helps ensure you fulfill the promises you've made to yourself.​ 

Premium Support: Effective communication between coach and client is something that I strive to build. Most importantly, we will always put our focus on the lifestyle habits that matter most to achieving your results. Clients have the opportunity to obtain weekly Whatsapp access to answer any comments, questions, or concerns between check-in meetings. 

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