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A community committed to Adhikara (studentship) and the daily practice of self-care.

elevated culture


Educate II Elevate is a community-driven wellness organization that supports each individual we connect with through our services, events, media, and products. We are powered by an elite network of multinational leaders and practitioners, whose ambition, independence, and pursuit is to elevate themselves through self-care. 


We believe that an individual's potential is determined by their self-belief, attitude, and ability to emulate what they are inspired by. More importantly, it is the dedication to their self-care practices that provides the perseverance needed to overcome any obstacle that might come their way.


Our mission is to revitalize an individual’s life by declaring self-care as your outlet, your freedom from complacency, and your vision for your future. We further our mission’s purpose by providing our clients with a wellness coach who will guide them in their personal development. This is achieved through a uniquely designed strategy that includes a three-point plan of gratitude, education, and mindful action.


  • Gratitude: Daily gratitude is the key to personal growth. It is through gratitude that each person finds peace, and the determination to live every day with intention.


  • Education: The coach serves as a point of contact and facilitator of information to protect clients as they continue to navigate through milestones in their journey.


  • Action: To achieve wellness, people must take responsibility. When people set proper goals and take action, they see results because the best way out is always through!


We proudly share our elite experience with those eager to practice and support our message in redefining education for worldwide elevation.


"Self-care is how you keep the fire burning bright!"

Chase Alexander Silverstein

Founder & CEO

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